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The Tualatin Library Foundation supports the work of the Tualatin Library through building relationships with the community, program support, and contributing financially to ensure the continual evolution of learning.  The Foundation inspires the community’s philanthropic support, advocacy for, and pride in the library.


Growth – The Tualatin Library Foundation believes that growth and evolution happen at every age and stage of life.  Whether it is growth in learning, self, or resources, the library serves as a valuable asset for development.

Giving – Donating to the Tualatin Library Foundation is a way for people who believe in the power of public libraries to help change lives by keeping our library relevant and vibrant for generations to come.

Representation – The Tualatin Library Foundation strives to represent the community of Tualatin through our financial support and actions. 


Save the date for October 12, 2024 at the library.

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