Memorial & Honorary Gifts

A named contribution is a meaningful and lasting way to commemorate a person’s memory, celebration, or life milestone in a way that also benefits the Tualatin Public Library.

Your kind gift is a way of guaranteeing that access to information and excellent programs will continue for the over 1,000 people who come to the library every day. The Tualatin Library Foundation supports many library programs and materials with the help of generous donors like you. We hope you will have a measure of comfort and satisfaction, knowing that you are enriching the lives of so many.

We are deeply grateful that you would consider a gift to the Library Foundation as you face the most important moments of your lives.

The following donors have selected to recognize their loved ones by giving a gift to the Tualatin Library Foundation. We are grateful for their thoughtful and generous support.

In honor of Keili Rivera
In memory of Sue Zimmerman Nelson
In memory of O.L. Moore
In memory of Leonard T. Bajdek
In memory of Mike Sammons
In honor of Jay Harris
In honor of Abigail Elder
In honor of Keith & Molly Burns

Please contact Foundation President, Royce Hermens for assistance establishing a gift.

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