Give a Planned Gift

Help ensure a bright future for the Library and the people of Tualatin by naming the Tualatin Library Foundation as a beneficiary in your will, life insurance policy or other estate plan.

The Library Foundation encourages everyone to leave a legacy for the library as part of your estate plan. (The Tualatin Library Foundation is a registered 501 (c)(3) – EIN: 90-0399631. Gifts to the Foundation are fully tax deductible as allowed by law)

Five Questions About Your Will & Estate Planning

Is my will up-to-date?
This is an important question because many people have a will tucked away someplace; a will that is so outdated as to be practically useless. Tax laws change and the size and extent of your assets may have changed as well. Updating your will allows you to take advantage of recent tax developments and new techniques in estate planning.

Does my will respect my wishes?
Your situation may have changed over the years and your estate has grown beyond your earlier estimate. Maybe you’ve changed your mind about some of your bequests. The more time passes and the more changes that occur in your life, the more you should consider bringing your will “up to speed”.

Is my will valid?
Have you moved to a different state since creating your last will? The laws may differ and your old will may no longer be valid. Or maybe you prepared your own will and missed something of vital importance, such as proper signatures and witnesses. Considering the importance of your last will and testament, it makes good sense to have a reputable estate-planning attorney review your current will.

Is my will safely stored?
Where do you keep the original copy of your will? Is it safely tucked away in a fireproof home safe? Or is it in a file folder somewhere or under the bed? This is a precious document and should be either in a bank safety deposit box or some other place where it is protected from fire and thievery.

Does my representative know?
After selecting a safe place to store your will, be sure to tell your personal representative where to find it. Imagine the frustration and grief of your representative being unable to fulfill your estate wishes because your will cannot be found.

There is a sixth question you might also consider…
Have I included the Library Foundation in my estate plans?
If and when you update your will or prepare one for the first time we hope you will consider adding a bequest to the Tualatin Library Foundation. By adding even One Percent for the Library in your estate planning, you will make a positive impact for young people, senior citizens and community literacy for generations to come.

When you pledge a bequest or planned gift to the Tualatin Library Foundation, your name can be engraved on the Honor Board in the Library lobby as you help ensure a bright future for the Tualatin Public Library.